Shrimp Very Active After Water Change. Are They Okay?



Jan 16, 2016
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Interestingly, no one freaked out after the water change tonight. They were a little more active, but not like last time. Peaches came out, which is unusual. He/she (?) tends to be more shy and prefers hanging out in the bushy plants. I'll try to attach the picture I got of her (him).

My LFS had a vampire shrimp that was SO cute. It took all my willpower to walk out without it. But I have to research whether I have the right home for it before I just rush into it. That's next on my to do list: research their requirements and see if I can provide a good home.
Thank you Baccus for your great post. Thank you everyone who has taken the time to answer.:)



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Aug 1, 2020
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"My kh reads between 30 and 40. My gh is usually 30-50. I don't think the kits are terribly accurate, but it does look I might have soft water. I read mixed things about whether or not I should put crushed coral in the tank. What do you guys think?"

Wanted to comment on this post, even though old to help anyone else. So I live in an area with soft water. 1 GH/KH out of the tap. Tanks will sit at around 2-3 gh and kh, but still with 7.8 ph. My shrimp did ok, but died after about a month. So I checked to see what a local breeder did. Firstly they have a well planted tank (I have drift wood with plants attached that naturally lowers PH to 7.2). Secondly their water was at 7 GH/KH. They crush eggshells into power and add a spoonful to their tank 1-2 times a week. I started doing that, and crushed cuttle bone, gh got to about 5. Lost none of the shrimp so far, and saw a molt today. PH was raised up to 7.6 from the cuttle bone. I only added a tiny bit at first. 1/4 spoonful to 3 gallons and it raised the gh 2-3 points in about 2 days.

The second thing I wanted to say was that big water changes would sometimes result in shrimp dying the next day from the changes. They often dont like big changes. So instead of a 50% water change at the end of the week, I would do two 25% changes. Also found that many fish can handle up to 40ppm nitrates, but my shrimp only seemed to handle about 20 before I would get losses.

Anyways now I just keep the shrimp in nano tanks with only a couple other really tiny fish, and never change more than 30% of the water at a time. I would recommend multiple small changes over 1 large change. Such as 10% per week rather ther 40% per month.
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