Shellie spitting pellets


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Nov 2, 2015
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My male Neolamprologus brevis is spitting the sinking pellets I feed him. I've tried NLS 1mm pellets and Xtreme aquatic foods peewee 1.5 mm pellets. He spits both, but I think he eats one or two NLS every once and a while. He eats flake and Hikari micro wafers.

I'm assuming that the pellets are just too large for him? This is unusual, because I've found threads online where people specifically feed N. brevis the NLS 1mm pellets. He is by no means a small shellie too. He is definitely a male and is >2" long.

Should I buy 0.5 mm pellets (NLS or Xtreme aquatic foods) or could there be another problem with the pellets besides size? Has anyone had this problem before?

Also, he was advertised as an F1 (first generation from wild caught) "Kitumba". I'm assuming that Kitumba is the location in the lake where his parents were collected? I can't seem to find any information about where Kitumba is in the lake, and I would really like to know more!

Finally, does anyone have female N. brevis they are willing to sell (in the US)? I'm going to go to the next local aquarium society meeting to see if I can find any locally, but I was wondering if anyone here has female brevis available.