Set up my Ranco ETC finally.


Fish Fanatic
Aug 22, 2020
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N. Illinois
Ever since decades ago a heater stuck and cooked fish in aquarium my daughter had I've always had that in the back of my mind. I'm using the Ranco to control the heater and the heaters thermostat as an upper limit. I tested the setup in a five gallon bucket the other day and comparing it with two electronic thermometers it's within a degree while using a two degree differential.

There was a lot of conflicting information on whether the probe is submersible and it leans toward no. I used a 10 inch length of 3/8 copper with one end soldered shut as a well for the probe and the readings above are taken employing that well so the temperature using that method are quite accurate. I understand their are devices made for this purpose but I run across Ranco controls in my work still functioning well after decades.

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