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Feb 23, 2023
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So I have 5 SAP in my peacock tank 75 gallons about 20 peacocks in.

They love to eat frozen bloodworms. I know I need to add snails. My question is what type of snails should I get to help with the beaks and should I throw a few in at a time or just dump a ton in let the snails reproduce so there’s food always available. Thanks
Ideally you would separate the two species as the SAPs will be suffering in there, no question it is inhumane.

In terms of feeding them snails, you want to have snails breeding in a separate tank so you can feed a number of them each day, if you just let some snails loose in the tank, eventually the SAPs will just eat them all faster than they can breed and grow. The best types of snails are things like Ramshorns, the Giant Columbians are a good option as they get quite big but also grow quite fast. Apple snails can be a good choice too but they don't breed as fast as Ramshorns.

Please though, get a second tank and split them up - the Peacocks need hard water, the SAPs need soft, the Peacocks are very aggressive and when pushed SAPs can do massive damage with their beaks. 20 Peacocks in a 75 is way too many too, should be 12 maximum and your SAPs will be suffering in such a high stress situation.

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