Red cherry shrimp are happy!

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Mar 1, 2023
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Houston, TX
As they feast on a green bean.

Your shrimp look amazing... I just ordered 4 more from another source, just to strengthen my line of them... my originals came in small, but they have been growing like crazy, & I think some may be berried right now... I figured and additional 4 from another source should be good for my colony...
Is reducing genetic drift good in red cherry shrimp? I started with 3 from the store about a year ago, then 3 more 2 months after the first. I haven't added anymore since then.
This is in a 5 gallon tank. Wouldn't overpopulation occur if I kept adding more from the store?
I actually had intent ( weather I find the time or not ), to cull anything not as red as the starters ( use them as feeders ) I thought about putting in a couple Bloody Mary's, and possibly some other grades of very red shrimp... & I'm sure my Bichir would scarf up anything I wanted to cull that isn't grade or a grade better than what I'm starting with... after I move some Electric Blue Acaras to my new tank, I think I want to try some blue shrimp in that tank...
In a shrimp only tank, overpopulation will occur nevertheless, as soon as you get it right.

If you keep feeding them accordingly they will multiply to the point your tank will be a moving decor. Then they will try to conquer the whole universe from your tank :)

Water quality and the amount of food available is the decisive factor, temperature can also be used to slow down or increase "multiplication".

If your babies are doubling size every week your survival rate will be very high and more food is going to be needed.
I don't feed them that much actually. Prob been a month since I've put a green bean in there for them.
Yes, there's many more then just 6 in there now. I don't have an exact count it's very jungle plant tank, and there's an artifical log towards the back they can hide in too. But doesn't seem to be overpopulated by any means. Just right tbh.
I have no idea of your setup details, but there's shrimplets in your pic.
Well apart the occasional baby loss from your fish eating some, I wouldn't worry about genetic drifting...

If the population is maintaining to your satisfaction... There is nothing better !

You wont live long enough to see any difference.
It's a great tank tbh. Water changes are light, the nitrates stay in check. There's not really much deltritus buildup on the substrabe, and I can't really get at it anyways due to all the plants. I don't have to clean the filter that often either.

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