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Ps Demasoni And General Question


Feb 24, 2010
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Florida, USA
Greetings All:

First post to this forum.

General Info:
29 gal FW tank, Florida, USA

Water conditions as of 2-22-10: pH 7.4 - 7.6; Ammonia 0.00; Nitrite 0.00; Nitrate <10; Temp 77-79 dg F

Tank age: one year. Fish age: all purchased from LFS within a months time 1 yr ago, all were fingerlings (=< 1.0 to 1.5")
No new fish added in past 11 months.
Water changes about 3-4 wks, generally 40-50%. Filter(HOB Tetra 45)change every thirty days.

Decorations: all inorganic. Bottom is rough gravel. One air stone.

Tanks changes: replaced original 17W tank light bulb with a 20W bulb about 6 mos. ago in hopes of combatting diatom accumulations with only slight improvement noted.

Chemical additives: Amquel at water changes. One full treatment course of Aquarisol as noted below.

Tank problems: originally had 3 loaches, this past June suffered one instance of Ich on loaches(lost 2). Treated tank with positive results otherwise.

Tank mates: M. auratus, M. paralellus, Ps. demasoni, Ps. socolofi, La. fuelleborni, Clown Loach, Pleco, 1 unidentified pale blue vertical striped. They generally all behave reasonably well, though they may occasionally have a bad hair day. No deaths,dismemberments, or damaging attacks observed. Some chasing and bullying.

Question 1: Ps Demasoni behavior: Every so often, this little braveheart acts like it has spawned and is holding fry. Its mouth pouch seems "full",it won't take small pelletized chichlid food, and secludes itself in a small plastic pot. (Unfortuneatly, I have not made note of the previous dates of occurances, perhaps 3-4 times over the past year.) This behavior goes on for a week or so and then it is back to its "normal" behavior. We have never seen any indication that fry have actually existed.

Any thought/ideas?

Question 2: This deals with certain of the fish acquiring a faint dusty golden appearance mainly around top fins and head areas. It is most noticeable on the socolofi, paralellus, and the unidentified faintly blue striped guy. It's like they had passed through a cloud of pixie dust and some of it adhered.

Any thoughts/ideas