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Aug 8, 2004
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Edmonton AB Canada
I'm just interested in seeing some of the betta's the proud people of this forum fell in love with. Mabe even a story about how you became an addict.
:D i'm NOT an addict (i swear i'm not :rolleyes:)

you wouldn't bleieve it but i orginally bought a betta for my sister just to play around with (she's 3 yeras old), we had it in a litlte vase (-_- terrible i know), and then i decided to get another one for myself.

and then i saw one that had lovely colors, so i got it

and then i saw naother one that was white, so i got that one too (i just HAD to)

adn then i saw another one that had the color of my dreams so i took him home.

by now i already have 5 bettas :sad:


and then i got some crowntails :whistle: so casually i took 3 home with me

and then :eek: i found a doubletail! so...that adds up to 9 :wub:

sad eh? :D
Well, i wouldn't say im addicted, but thought i'd post something anyway! :) lol I have owned 3 bettas - definately not addicted!! My first one was called Arnie (anyone guess where the current bettas name came from?lol) He was a VT with a "black" body and red fins with the most beautiful blue eyes!! he was so pretty... He lived in my ten gal with my other fish for about 8 months before my friend gave me two dwarf gouramis as a 'present' and i didnt quarantine them (didnt have a spare tank then...) and they spread fungus and white spot and God knows what else through my tank!! My 2 kissing gouramis, one of the two dwarf gouramis, my male swordtail, my neons and Arnie died :-(

I wasn't so bothered about the others as i was Arnie... i dont know why!! He was just really sweet! :byebye:

But, i have re-stocked and I now i have Arnie 2!! And he's evil!lol He bites when i put my hand in the tank and he attacks almost every other fish i put in with him!! He's now in a 3.5 gal tank with a snail and some cories which i bought today and he seems happy!!

There you go... a story and ill attach a picture of Arnie2! I dont have any of Arnie1 as he died before i could get a camera that would take good pictures of him :(



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lol me just being here on thios forum has got me addicted and i dont yet have any bettas :D wen i ws lil i had vt betas off and on but until resently i wasn't really involved that deeply in them. my favorite betta iv had so far died i thing atthe end of last year it was. his body was black and on his fins was this golden orange color, he was the first of his kind i had ever seen so i snaged him up from the local walmart where most of the bettas wern't to bad looking. i had him in a 2g with this giant apple snail who he would always follow around the tank and stay close to, but lil did he know it would be his dimise :sad: i went into my room to feed him, he was happy and healthy and the 5 minuts later the snail was snackin on him, i got so mad :angry: that was like th best fish ever :sad:

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