Pogostemon Helferi


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Apr 1, 2011
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Scientific name - Pogostemon helferi

Common terms - Downoi - translates to little star in Thai

Geographic origin - Thailand

Type - Stem

Max. size - 10cm in height, each stem can reach about 7-10cm in diameter, but it will propagate outwards.

Lighting required - Medium to high, though I have had it growing in low light set ups, growth was slow and wasn't as compact.

Temperature - 19-30C

Water chemistry requirements - Adaptable to a wide range of parameters.

Growth rates - Medium - fast

Demands - Medium

Additional info - A species that is relatively new to the hobby and is quite striking, it can form dense green carpets when it is grown in optimum conditions. It has been noted that some species will eat this plant - particularly Rainbow Fish. Plant into the substrate, I've found this species will grow faster with root fertilisation but it will grow without, I've also found that this species will appreciate lots of iron. This species propagates via runners like most plant species, but like most stem species the stems can be cut just above the nodes and replanted, where roots will soon grow.


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