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Aug 22, 2004
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I have purchased about 12 plecos in the last 2 months. They die within 10- 12 days. No obivious sign of injury and nothing else in the tank is dying. I have a 10gal tank with 2 tetras, 2 barbs, 1 beta (which hides all of the time) and 1 corrycat. I would like to keep 1 pleco alive. What am I doing wrong?
Which species of Plec are you trying to keep?

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Most plecos won't do as well in a 10 gallon, not only size but they'll clean things up so fast you have to make sure to give them food of some sort.
i think you should stop buying plecs! man your kiling them. And everything in your tank hides? dude theres something wrong there!

The only thing i could say, maybe your lfs is crap

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