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Feb 8, 2003
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Our aim is to create one of the largest and most comprehensive fish indexes available on the internet, for this reason these rules must be followed and adhered to.
  • Rule 1: You must own or have owned the fish you are submitting a profile on. We do not want information that has just been copied down from a web site or book.
  • Rule 2: The attached photograph must belong to you or a member of this forum. If the photo is not yours, please ask the member for permission before using it and give a credit in your post.
  • Rule 3: You must stick to the format already in use. Profiles submitted in the wrong format may be edited or deleted.
  • Rule 4: All profiles are subject to moderator checks and may be edited accordingly. If a profile is deemed unsuitable it may be refused. Check your information carefully.
  • Rule 5: Do not hijack other peoples profiles. If you disagree with any of the information given please contact a moderator and explain what you find is wrong and if possible give sources that back up your belief.
  • Rule 6: Please switch off your signature when posting a profile (unclick the enable signature box)

Your post will not become visible to the TFF forum until it is approved. N.B.: If you submit your profile without a photograph of your own species or you submit a diagram or a photo taken from the internet without permission of the owner it automatically will not be approved. If you do NOT provide us with a photograph within 30 days, your submission will be removed.
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