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Sep 7, 2021
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Czech republic
Strange that I have to ask this, given I have had the rabbits for the past three years, but maybe someone has some tips.
I have too many snails in a too small tank. It makes not much sense to me, given my water parameters are not what they should like and for a year I have had them they didnt breed at all. I had to move them from the big tank to just a 54 liters, because all other tanks suddenly didnt suit them, and back then I had 4 adults and maybe 3 babies that I moved 12/22. Since then I lost 2 adults and some babies were lost at the smallest stage and lost few at 3 cm or so. However. When I tried to do a count today, I have 2 adults, around 6 or more 3-4 cm large one babies and around 15 I kid-you-not small babies. What is going on ?! I have soft water and ph around 7. Ofcourse, cuttlebone, sand, but even the fish will try to eat their food, poke at them, they really shouldnt be doing well in this tank.

The plants. The tank is overstocked and needs more plants. But they keep eating everything I put in there. I tried planting egeria najas, was chewed off overnight and is now swimming on the surface and not surviving. Same with pennywort, stargrass, naias. Frogbit that I take from other tank, full, large, with long roots, is a small leave mess in few weeks. Maybe the surface agitation, maybe someone is eating it. I put in Ceratopteris siliquosa and it was eaten within the hour.
I have three massive anubias that are 70% of the tank and I do a water change every 3-4-5 days to make sure the tank is not too much. But I need more plants!

Regarding feeding, I will drop a bunch of oak/beech leaves every week, they will get eaten within said week. Adder cones are in (were in). every other day I will put in a piece of vegetable (bell pepper, zuchinni, pumpkin, even lettuce sometimes, leaves, broccolli, whatever I am eating basically, they get leftovers) and or will put in several algae waffers broken to smaller pieces so everone gets some. Or repashy gel food. I feed the fish quite a lot, microworms, bbs, frozen food, so the tylomelania get their fill of protein, they do clean the substrate quite diligently.

case in point, the leaf is not even wet yet!!!
An older picture, I must have taken it right after putting the plants back down. I took the moss away today because it is brown and because I put in a spawning mop instead for easier egg collection from the fish

I decided to try an aquaponic basil experiment today to help leach out the nutrients, but it may not work at all so any plant that was tested is appreciated!!

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