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Jun 18, 2004
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I have a pictus cat, less than 2 inches right now along with an angel and gourami. When I feed them flakes they all seem to get an even share, but when I feed them blood worms it's a whole different story.

I feed them frozen blood worms, and when I drop a chunk in the tank the angelfish goes for it first and starts trying to suck it all down, but within 10 seconds or so the pictus "steals" the chunk and attempts to eat it all. The gourami usually just eats the pieces that float around the tank.

Last night I was feeding them and I thought it would be impossible for him to swallow a chunk, but amazingly he did. His stomach looked huge (I thought it would explode haha).

Anyway, he hasn't acted funny or anything so I am sure he's fine. I'm just wondering how much they should eat. Should his stomach do that every time he eats bloodworms?

Thanks for the info,
That is perfectly normal pictus cat behaviour, when feeding Pimeloid catfishes such as pictus cats they should be fed enough to make their bellies swell like they have swallowed a marble but only twice a week.
So do you only feed it twice a week? Is that healthy for the other fish in the tank?
Should I only feed the fish blood worms twice a week then, and flakes the rest of the week?

(he doesn't eat nearly as much when I use flakes)

Or is there a trick to get the other fish food and not allow him to eat?

Thanks for your help,
Only feeding the bloodworms twice a week and giving the other fish flakes the rest of the time will be fine.

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