Picked my new tank!!

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Aug 1, 2004
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Glasgow, Scotland
Browsed a few LFS and finally found a tank I like.

Meet my new project :D

They need a few weeks to build it and then I'm gonna try this fishless cycling thing people have been taking about.

Some of the volume calculators seem to differ but am I right in saying that 48*18*12 is 44gal (UK)?


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Nice tank, it should work out like this:

Litres: 169.9
US Gallons: 44.89
UK Gallons: 37.38
yes stand and canopy come with it. Not sure about the colour of the wood though, they can do it in 3 or 4 different types of wood.

So excited now!!

Can't wait to get started.

I've notice that a lot of people take pictures of each step of their tank getting set up....I like these posts the most so gonna see if I can come up with something similar.
£176 for everything in the picture except from what's actually in the tank which after pricing a few websites and LFS this is a great price - they built the tanks them self and they are all very sturdy, well built.

I used to keep a tank about 5 years ago and have experimented with lots of types of substrate, now I'm not the greatest fan of sand although I know that the fish love it but I found a compromise. I have a gravel that is made up of tiny perfectly round pieces - the corys filter them through their gills and the horseheads loaches LOVE it! It's amazing to watch because when lying on the gravel they actually swim up a little to get some momentum and them swim head first straight into the gravel!! You can actually see the gravel bump move as they swim UNDERNEATH the gravel!! I love it!! :D then they live relaxing with their head poking out :D

Fish must have's!

2 clown plecs - small
1 gold nugget plec - small
4 or 5 strebai cory's

would really like a RTBS but depending on the other fish I get if compatible.

and if enough room 2 horsehead loaches - not the prettiest fish in the water but they just have so much fun in the water that their a delight to watch!!

I would 2 or 3 larger fish to be the main attraction of the tank - I was thinking of discus but have been advised by other people on the forums that the plecs like to suck the mucus off them that they use to feed their fry with so not going for them anymore.

Anybody got any advice on what I can get that would be compatible?

I've seen some lovely pictures of a fish called parrot 'something'?! They sometimes breed with convicts?? You hopefully know what I'm talking about but anyway they look lovely but don't know if compatible.

If worst comes to worse I can go for a shoal of neons or rummy nose tetras.

All advice welcome :D
a very good deal ;) ...my 28usgallon tank cost me a bit more than 300$ to get all set up(without the fish) i should have got a package than buying each piece at a time, pluse there are only like 2 lfs in my city, but there are other places here u can get tank supplies, the tank was a good deal tho, 50$ for just the tank, :) just the pump and all the additions heater, airpumps etc, can get pricy sometimes :) :)
kevin007 is it just strebia that don't get on well with RTBS?

I'm assuming other corys are fine with them? I kept 2 albino corys with a RTBS befors and they got along fine.
I would like to make a serious complaint!

When I first started planning on getting a tank I decided on this nice little 3ft one.

Now my girlfriend wasn't too pleased as she doesn't fancy a fishtank but she went along with it because....well because I'm the boss really *looks about qickly to make sure she's still sleeping* :crazy:

..anyway after joining this forum about a week ago I decided that I just couldn't live without the 48*12*18 tank that is shown at the start of this thread and NOW after logging on everyday and chatting with everyone I just can't say no to the 48*21*15 tank shown at the bottom!!!

I'm gonna be divorced even before I get married!!

I hope you're all happy with yourselves!!!!!! :hyper:

....I tell you I had better move into this house soon before I decide on buying lasawyers tank! :D


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...and this is the tank I finally (so far) have decided on....not that colour though.


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Hii, I live Newcastle upon Tyne, do you think your LFS woulod build and deliver, one of those tanks for me? That is exactly what i'm looking for.

Were abouts in Scotland are you, if they can't deliver, i think it would be worth a trip to scotland.

P.S. Good luck with your tank. :cool:

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