Celebrating the new year with my fish


May 9, 2023
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Perth, Australia
I'm going to relax with my tetras in the new year tomorrow. Might have to do a partial water change for the tank again because it's already probably 3 weeks since the full water change. The fish are okay. I'm calculating the total price of my upcoming Orinoco project. The list is still incomplete, hope I can add the important stuff I want for the Aqua One Horizon 130 litre tank starter kit (haven't brought it yet) i.e. filter, heater and dimmable lights. There will be changes in the kit except the stand and tank if I purchased it. The filter and heater of the Aqua One Horizon aquarium is the problem; the filter doesn't work on between a day and a month, and the heater doesn't go above 20 degrees C, according to reviews. The lights that go in that Aqua One tank are not dimmable. They will be replaced with a filter that works better, dimmable lights and a working heater that goes above 20 degrees C. It will be an expensive project indeed. That's why I'm spending all my birthday, work and Christmas money on it.

2024 will be a new year for me and the family. I just hope I get that Aqua One Horizon 130 litre tank. Done all my research on the plants and fish that live in the Orinoco and everything in between, and the existing cardinal tetras will be moved from the 10 gallon to the 35 gallon tank, if it's cycled and completed. I hope I will get the larger tank before my existing cardinal tetras die. And I'm trying to learn how to gravel-vac again.

If the finished tank doesn't make it to TOTM in February, I will enter it in May instead. Happy new year!

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