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Phallichthys pittieri, lutino panda guppies & Xiphophorus evelynae


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Sep 13, 2016
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Overhere a short video of three different kinds of livebearer species in one tank.
Most people overhere know the regular panda guppy. Overhere a variation that's called lutino panda guppies. First impression is that the moscow gene that panda guppies have seems to be lacking overhere. But actually that ain't true. They are still carrying the moscow gene. The blue shine that is to be seen when the light falls on them at a certain angle will prove that. But they are just having a shortage of melanophores in the top skin (livebeares have three layers of skin). The pink is something all panda guppies have. Connected to the pink gene is the darf growth gene. Which causes panda guppies to be smaller than an average fancy guppy.

The Phallichthys pittieri is a wild livebearer species. That's the one that looks a bit like platies but the males do have a long shaped gonopodium.

The other livebearer is the Xiphophorus evelynae (at the beginning of the video you're able to see one of them). This is a wild platy species. This strain is also known as Puebla platy and Pueblo platy.