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Pets At Home Warrington


Apr 27, 2004
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Used to have a great selection of tropical, cold and marine fish but recently had a refurb i didn't see any notice prior to but when i went for fish they had removed all livestock. After the refurb i found that they have got rid of the marine section condensed the dry goods and used half of the upstairs for a vets.
So they now just stock a selection of cold and tropical fish, some plants and a reduced dry goods section.
My most recent visit i was shocked as the tanks were always clean and tidy but there was alot of algae present in several and one was covered in thick hair algae at the bottom.
Customer Service
Being upstairs there is now no dedicated service desk/till and i find if i go up there i then have to go back downstairs to ask for assistance which is annoying. The staff are very freindly and helpful with basic to fair knowledge depending on who you get.
  • Freindly and helpful staff when summoned
  • Offer free water testing
  • no quibble on returns of fish/kit
  • offfers on multiple fish
  • Aquatic section now condensed and seems less of a priority
  • No dedicated staff upstairs
  • No marine fish
  • Advise of 3 days setting up tank before fish can be bought but this is bare miminum so would be better handing out information with reliastic time scale and setup.
Six months ago i would reccomend as a great place for all wet good but i dont like the direction its going sadly so its a
  no reccomendation... watch this space

Moss Ball

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Oct 4, 2018
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I was a deputy manager in a pets at home store for 2 years, i made sure the fish were looked after but it most stores they get a small thin book that just teaches staff nothing but extra sales with a fish sale.

They do not quarentine fish they just leave a light out for 2 hours then sell them, they take dead fish back as they get money back from thier supplier no other reason

They should not sell fish or infact any animals as the care is not there, they rely on staff caring as the stores do not, these stores should be avoided for livestock.


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