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Peoria, IL - Looking for...

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I know where you live
Nov 13, 2006
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Peoria, Illinois

I am in the Peoria, IL area and I am looking for a few angelfish and a female blue ram (or albino).

Does anyone have some they'd be willing to sell, or know of a breeder in the area?
Glad to see you back on @kribensis12 ! I'm sorry, I don't know any breeders close to that area. Did you check at your LFS/Craigslist?
There is a big swap in Hoffman Estates Feb 23rd...

Swap meet in Quad Cities (IA/IL -Davenport IA Side) March29th

These are both Aquarium Hobby swap meets, lots of stuff and great way to meet breeders, share info and get some GREAT fish (did you see my guppy post?)
Thanks for the replies, guys.

We have our own Swap coming up in the next 1.5 months, but I'll be bringing my toddler along and can't wait around for the exceptional bargains towards the end. I do know that Aquabid is an option, I just can't afford what they are asking (though I am sure the prices are fair - I want people to make a living).

I'm really hoping to find someone nearby I can meet with. This part of the U.S. has very low appreciation for fish husbandry. Peoria is a fairly large city and we have not been able to keep an LFS (beyond big brands) afloat. Craiglist has been a dead end too - unless I want 40 full grown Red Zebra's for $40 (which is a steal to be fair).
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