Oddballs For A 20gal?

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Mar 15, 2005
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Hi all,

I have a 20 gal i'm redoing, and need some help decideing on what to put in there. I was going to go brackish, and put in a puffer and moray eel, but it seems they will outgrow the tank fairly quickly. (unless someone has evidence to the contrary). I've read the sticky, and didn't really see anything that caught my eye.

So, suggestions?

As far as i know, a Moral Eel will definately out grow a 20 gallon. Depending on which species, they grow to around 100cm and theres probably much bigger ones.

If you want to get a puffer i think these would be some freshwater puffers to research:

Red-tailed Red Eye Puffer - Carinotetraodon irrubesco - 2 inches
Red Eye Puffer - Carinotetraodon lorteti - 2.4 inches
South American Puffer - Colomesus asellus - 3 inches
Dwarf Puffer - Carinotetraodon travancoricus - 1.5 inches
Fang Puffer (i think?) Tetraodon cochinchinensis - not sure about size, Fella would know though

On the brackish side of things

Figure Eight Puffer - Tetraodon biocellatus - 3 inches

have a look at fellas pinned topic at the top of this page - very helpful

or maybe its by cfc anyway - its about oddballs for 20gallons (UK) or less

how about congo puffer Tetraodon miurus...? although they are entirely freshwater

also depending on where you are maidenhead aquatics at st albans has lots of different brackish fish - worth a look for ideas maybe?
my congo eats dead prawns and mussels - you don't have to live feed if you don't want to

i can't quite believe you actually saw a congo i waited for 6 months before i found one!
What about a African Butterfly Fish (ABF)? They are top dwellers, however they are predators so will eat smaller fish. They should be fine with bottome dwellers however.


Hmmm...i'm not a big fan of those...thanks though!

My original plan was to get 2 german blue rams, some cories, and some bamboo shrimp, but it seemed a little on tha plain side. I'm just so confused on what to get. Maybe you guys can suggest some things, with some more specifics about my tank.

It's a 20 gallon, and will have silica sand as the substrate. I'm going for the rocky beach look, with perhaps a piece of driftwood, and some fake plants.
how about dwarf snakeheads? you could get two rainbow snakeheads in a 20gallon, or african butterfly fish?
what about gobies?
how about dwarf snakeheads? you could get two rainbow snakeheads in a 20gallon, or african butterfly fish?
what about gobies?

no snakeheads for him if hes in the USA.

he could try some goo-obo gudgeons. I will be getting a shipment of 10 from the collectors soon (if they pass customs)

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