Noisy Hydor Koralia Nano 1600

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Nov 29, 2011
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My hydor Koralia Nano 1600 is so noisy its driving me mad!!!!!!!!

If i turn it off and back on it will be quiet for a few minutes and then get noisy again

I know it is a vibration pump but has anyone else had this problem and if so how did they cure it

Any suggestions gratefully appreciated
make sure it's not touching anything else, if it is the impeller type, try a little Vaseline on the shaft.
It is the impeller type so will try a little vaseline

Thanks for that
If its a metal shaft it could be bent, I think you can get ceramic ones but not sure as mine are shaftless ones.
Mine does have a thin metal shaft.

Any idea where to get replacements, metal or ceramic?
Thank you very much for that

Will give the vaseline a go first, if that fails i will get a new shaft
Thank you tribalbrit, the Vaseline worked perfectly

Peace at last lol

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