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nik_n - February 2021 Fish of the Month Winner

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Sep 23, 2013
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We have a winner in Fishforums.net
February 2021
Fish of the Month Contest
We had 7 beautiful Angelfish entered in the FOTM contest but only one could win
And the winner is..:band:


Let's all congratulate him with his
beatiful Angelfish

Here is the winning picture and description
Spieces: Pterophyllum scalare Marmor Dimond
Age: 8 months
Name: ////
Preferred food: Blood worms or random fruit flies
Tank size: 180l (50 gallon)
Tank mates: One koi angle, two blue gouramis, two apistogramma agassisi double red
Unique traits: Recognises my face, start twitching and gasping for food every time she sees me
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We have a winner! nik_n has won February 2021 FOTM with his beautiful Pterophyllum scalare Marmor Dimond Angelfish. NIce job, nik_n. Coming in second place is Uberhoust with his beautiful striped Pterophyllum scalare Angelfish. Great photo, Uberhoust.

Our March Tank of the Month contest is now accepting entries. If you have a tank sized at 16 gallons or smaller, we hope you enter the contest. Entry thread is HERE
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Congratulations @nik_n! That’s a beautiful angle fish. That blue coloration is is very unique. :wub:
Congrats @nik_n on the beautiful Angelfish! trophy1

Thanks to everyone else that took the time to submit a photo. ?
@nik_n congratulations on winning. Your angelfish is unusual and very beautiful.
Congratulations, gorgeous angelfish :hooray:
Congratulations - stunningly beautiful fish!
Congrats, @nik_n !
Thanks for entering, everyone. I am now slightly less creeped-out by Angelfish!
While I think that many of them - especially the winner here - are incredibly beautiful, I will never not be creeped-out by angelfish!


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