New Garras And Filter


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Dec 21, 2011
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Norwich, Norfolk
Been a really long time since I had my last post, suppose everything has been running smoothly up until now.
About 4 days ago I purchased 2 new Garra Rufas, they seem to have settled in really well and are eating properly along with the apple snails and a large armour shrimp.
By all accounts they do not seem to be scared of any of the others in there with them but for some unknown reason (it's fairly bazaar and funny actually to watch) but I have a filter that sits on the side of my talk, externally, and because it has a downwards flow on it, towards the tank, they are trying to swim up, against the flow of the water, into the filter. This made me query why they are doing this as it made me laugh. It's like they are doing some kind of alternative exercise! :D hahaha
Any ideas?
P.S > My tag/signature below is out of date and is not accurate at all.
Perry Clements
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