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You should get 7 or 8 Tiger Barbs, 8 Cardinal Tetras, 5 c. julii cory catfish, one pleco, and one ropheal catfish.

Daveo :drool: :flex:
What do you want to add?
A few three-spot gouramis are nice, mabye some tetras as well with a few cories. Don't forget algae eaters... and mabye three swordtails. Well that what I would add :)
LoveMyOscar said:
Get a German Ram (microgeophagus ramirezi) and some sort of small catfish. :D

Rams have a lot of personality and are very colorful!! I am thinking about getting some myself (just don't tell my hubby :whistle: )
i have a pair of blue rams in my 46 gallon, but these are all good ideas....keep the suggestions coming!
LoveMyOscar said:
lucky62 said:
Cockatoo cichlids
Around here those things are expensive!!! But if you can that would be a good choice!! :D
Tell me about it , but I had to have them. I paid $30 for a pair , The male looks like he's wearing a native american head dress , cool to say the least .
and for apistos they are very tolerant of varius water params

Abstract , not push my choices but check out my 70 gal sig .

All these fish are small , hard to find some times . the gudgeons and badis badis were about $8 each and the cockatoos $15 each . They all breed like mad .

You could also check out Nanacara anamola a.k.a golden eye cichlid , also hard to find and costly , but great little fish .

Good luck stocking your tank .
My suggestion would be to get you a few shell dwellers, some gold occelatus, or some lamprologus brevis, er no, you know what, some masked brichardi would be a lot of fun in a tank that size, start out with like 4 brichardis, add a couple of your favorite cleaner cats, and go nuts!
thecichlidaddict said:
You want us to decide? That's the fun of setting up a new tank!
just looking for ideas...something more interesting than a school of neons and a fleet of corys (no offense - i do like both - but this probably won't be a community tank)....i'd like something different in this tank and being that it is not too large I am looking for my options

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