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Nevada Stone in aquarium

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Oct 7, 2015
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I've picked up some modest sized pieces of off-white Nevada stone from a local Pets@Home, but at the moment I can't find out what Nevada stone actually is....search engines not helpful right now. I know there is a rocks discussion in some old threads but I didn't see this particular one mentioned. Anyone know what it primarily consists of, (and I'm assuming it is fine for a coldwater aquarium)? just from the geology interest point of view.
It is impossible to know what Nevada stone is. But you can test it to see if it is safe for your aquarium, Get a GH / KH / PH test kit and a bucket. Fill the bucket with water and record the GH / KH / PH numbers generated by the test. Then add the rock and wait a day or two. Then retest the water. If the readings are the same as the readings before the rock was added then the rock it probably safe. However if the reading change then you probably don't want it in your aquarium.
Thanks for that...sorry I missed your reply, I couldnt remember where I'd put the post (old age). I'vr got all those test kits so I'll give it a go!

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