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  1. Tl52505

    Rocks turning colors

    I just noticed these weird spots on a plant in my betta tank, and the dragon stone is turning a grayish blue, it used to be all tan. What could be going on, and could it be harmful to the fish
  2. S

    White fuzz on rocks after putting in new tank

    hello, I recently moved my fish from a 20 gallon, to a 44 gallon tank. When I put in my rocks, I noticed a strange white fuzz on them, I included pictures. Anyone know what it could be?
  3. Falconwithaboxon


    So I am setting up a new tank and I was just wondering if rocks are able to touch the sides of the tank or if that might cause issues down the line.
  4. Falconwithaboxon

    Driftwood and Rocks

    Hello guys, I am starting to decorate my new tank. All I have currently is the sand. I'm am doing heavily planted with driftwood and rocks. I was wondering if I could use any wood for the driftwood, so long as I clean it right. I live next to a couple rivers and a large lake so I have a lot to...
  5. Circus


    Right now I am looking for rocks and stone for mu 29 gallon tank. I don't want anything that will alter the water parameters too much. But ohko dragonstone is pretty expensive at about $35 for a 9 lb bag. Wich comes out to about 5 rocks. Any suggestions? I already have a nice piece of grapevine...
  6. A

    Blacks specks on rocks in aquarium.

    Hello all, Not sure if this is the right section to post this in but here we go, I have an African Cichlidé tank and my goal was to grow algae green on my rocks. Nows I am dosing Seachem flourish and Seachem phosphorus and have a power glo 18,000k t8. I took some rocks from my garden as I...
  7. E

    Regarding Rotala acrandra and Hygrophila 'araguaia'

    Hi guys, I recently used some aquarium solvent, clay root tabs (clay balls with nutrients), and some rocks to plant the flora named in the title onto the rocks. Does anyone have any experience regarding growing these? I am using CO2 and high light levels. Thanks in advance!
  8. C

    I need advise plz

    I have two Oscar's and two bristlnose plecos and was wondering what would be the best choice of large aquarium rocks the put in my tank. I have a 75 gallon tank wide I'm also going to put a diy bubble bar in the back of the tank Is it possible that I can put a natural obsidian rock structure...
  9. twintanks

    Nevada Stone in aquarium

    I've picked up some modest sized pieces of off-white Nevada stone from a local Pets@Home, but at the moment I can't find out what Nevada stone actually engines not helpful right now. I know there is a rocks discussion in some old threads but I didn't see this particular one...
  10. Halie201

    DIY Rock work (perfect for cichlids)

    Made these myself.. They're small for now as I didn't have a whole lot to work with. But after getting in touch with my crafty side, I'd like to make more. They're held together with Marineland sealant and it'' s pretty strong stuff. These rocks are much darker in the water with notes of orange...
  11. AnkushNayak

    Aquarium Rock Helpp

    Hi      I am Ankush i am fairly new to this hobby.    I found this stones can anyone tell me if they are safe to use or not.   I would be keeping cichlids in my tank and i have done vinegar test on the rocks saw some fizzing but it was really no that much,
  12. jimbooo

    Need Ideas - Suggestions As To New Set Up Please

    Hi All,   i need your brains as i have a mental block.   i have had a disaster in one of my office tanks over the weekend. its a Juwel Rio180 (40G). currently a malawi cichlid set up with lots of rocks etc.   the tank split a seam on saturday half way up and dumped 20G on the office floor...
  13. starlitsunrise

    How To Make Rocks Safe

    Hello,  I was just wondering what methods you guys use to make any rocks you may find outside safe for aquarium use? I have read you can boil them or bake them but I just wanted more opinions :).    Thanks!
  14. B

    Any Rocks Safe?

    Hey! So I am planning a betta tank. It is an 8 US gallon hexagon tank. I want to put rocks from my garden in there. Can I put any rocks in there?
  15. B

    What To Buy?

    I have never done a lot of live plants, but now that I have a big tank (30 gallons) I to add lots of live plants.  I have mollies, guppies, a few different tetras, a zebra danio, and a chinese golden algae eater.  I have a small fern like plant.  I have gotten a few grassy plants before but they...
  16. C

    Restarting My Tanks Inside, Opinions On What Im About To Buy?

    Sorry didn't know how to word the title haha!   Ok so my 190 litre 4 foot tank im having a few problems with it and my sand just being sucked into my filter etc so deciding to start fresh (not the fish) and make it look better and have better stuff but am on a very tight budget.   So need to...
  17. LicianDragon

    Not Sure Where To Go From Here

    Sorry for the giant image and bad quality, all I have is the camera on my phone. So this is a 20 gallon planted community tank. I would love for this to look nicer or something but I don't know where to go from here. I'd like to leave the taller plants to the side to allow light to reach the...
  18. khial

    Beach/garden Rocks ?

    Hi all, I know this has probably been covered a million times before but... I have some rocks i found on the beach several years ago and have been in my garden since, so have been rained on/watered with the plants, will it be safe to put these in my tank? I have scrubbed them with hot...
  19. Starletta

    Bigger Rocks For Freshwater Aquarium. What To Use?

    I've been reading a great book - "The Simple Guide to Freshwater Aquariums". Excellent book with easy to understand information. The author mentioned adding bigger rocks to the aquarium, instead of the typical gravel, etc. Looking at the pictures, I'm guessing 4x5 inches, or so. I thought...