Need Tetracycline..can Anyone Help? I Would Be Eternally Grateful!


Feb 26, 2013
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Hi everyone I am kind of in a bind right now...

I have had my saltwater tank for a little over 3 years now...and only 2 clownfish have been in there since the very beginning. So I have been lucky enough to have never lost a fish; but not sure if I will be able to make that same statement given a few days.
My tank is 30 gallons and I am experiencing my first bit of problems. I am looking for tetracycline antibiotics since the fish store antibiotics don't seem to be working (marycyn two) and I have been treating them since Sunday and have been everywhere from petco to local tropical fish stores to the vet (who wanted over $200 for the visit?!). Is anyone on here local and have any tetracycline antibiotics that they would be willing to part with? I would be willing to pay you for not only the antibiotics, but for the hassle in meeting me (time, driving, etc).

I am a busy student over at Cal Poly but taking care of my fish is my top priority right now so I am willing to drive pretty much anywhere to get them their medication. I have done a lot of research and I am confident that they both have a bacterial infection (not sure if it's gram negative or gram positive though). If anyone can help me with this please send me a text..I have class tomorrow on and off from 10am-9 pm, but there are some gaps in my schedule. Thanks!

626-376-8579 cell

Whoops forget to mention where I am located..I am in Arcadia/Pasadena area but my school is in Pomona (Inland Empire). Anyone in Los Angeles, IE, or even Orange County?!


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