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Jan 18, 2023
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Czech Republic
Hi guys,

I got a betta with strange looking fins and I'm not sure if it's a disease or not? The guy who sold him to me said that he's healthy. He's been fine, eating, very active. However, I came back from vacation on Friday (a friend was coming in every day to check in on my tank) and I noticed that he's lethargic and looks bloated. I moved him to a smaller tank until I set up a proper quarantine one and treated the water with Esha 2000 that was recommended to me by my LFS.

I recorded a video, the bloating and perhaps pineconing on the bottom is visible, as well as the fins. I'd appreciate any insight into his condition and how I can help him be healthy. The fins have looked like that since I got him, there hasn't been any new change to them, but I'd like some advice on that too.

Thank you!

Link to video:
He does look a bit bloated. Do you know how much your friend was feeding him? His fins I am pretty sure are normal and is just the type of fins he has. I wouldn’t feed him for maybe 2 days and do a water change. He could just be constipated see how he is doing after you do these things. If he gets worse I would see what Colin_T says, you can find him down below his icon is the blue and orange fish. Hope this helps!
Does he have a filter and a heater? How often are you doing water changes? Have you tested the water? He looks to have a few pinholes in his fins which can be the start of fin rot...fin rot is almost always caused by bad water quality
@Fish384, yeah, he's not usually that big around the belly so my friend probably overfed. I'll ask her and I didn't feed him over the weekend. He got some larva today, I didn't want to give him too much. I'm worried that it might be something more serious as his scales around the bloated area seem to be pineconed a bit?

@CaptainBarnicles, he doesn't have a heater nor a filter in that small tank. I came home on Friday evening, so unfortunately couldn't buy anything over the weekend. I'll be getting proper stuff tomorrow. I have been changing and testing his water to make sure there's no ammonia buildup or anything that might harm him, and luckily it's summer here so there was no need for the heater so far. As for my main tank, the parameters are always good, it's a pretty stable environment in there.
The only issue I have there right now is planaria that I discovered after coming home on Friday and will be dealing with next week. Otherwise, the tank has been thriving.

How do I know for sure if it's really fin rot? The fins have been like that since I got him in April

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