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NCaquatics - June 2020 Fish of the Month (tetras) Winner!

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June 2020
Fish of the Month Contest
We had 7 Tetras entered in the FOTM contest but only one could win
And the winner is..:band:

Let's all congratulate NCaquatics with her Black Skirt Tetra

Here is a pic and a description of Whiskey

This photo was taken with my good camera)

This is Whiskey, she is a long fin Black Skirt Tetra. Shes a big girl, almost 3 inches long. She is the boss of the shoal. No one messes with this lovely little lady.

Skirts get a bad rep, but they tend to be a lot more bark than bite if kept properly in a shoal and with a suitable habitat breaking up lines of sight, and keeping a lower male ratio than females.

I have a shoal of different colours of these guys (3 black skirts, 2 white skirts, and one "gmo" skirt--aka glofish). This lady is at the top of the pack, she is the first to get food, the most inquisitive if something looks like food, and as long as the other tetras don't upset that, things stay peaceful.

I have had Whiskey for over a year, she was one of our first fish, she was a tiny little inch long baby when we first got her, scrawny little thing. But shes a hefty girl now, nearly always gravid. She is a gorgeous shiny fish, her scales reflect the colours around her.

All of our skirts are named after alcoholic beverages. My husband picked out these fish and named the first three, so we stuck with the tradition for the entire shoal. Names are Whiskey, Gin, Daiquiri, Morgan, Kraken, and Vodka.

Whiskey lives with her shoal in a planted 20 gallon with a shoal of paleatus corydoras. She is fearless and will often come to the glass if she thinks i am going to feed them. She is not a fussy eater, she tries to eat anything that fits in her mouth. But, a particular favourite treat of hers is chopped freshly molted mealworm. Goes around with a bit in her jaws and chews all the juices out before dropping the shell later. She enjoys omega one flakes, omega one frozen carnivore mix, and bug bites as the regular staples. She is not above trying to steal the cories shrimp pellets either, but once she realizes theyre too large for her she ignores them.

Turned the lights on real quick to snap the verification photo
Good Show!
Wish I could give her a peck on that cheeky cheek!

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