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Aug 23, 2005
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St Albans, UK
7.5 US Gallon, planted,
1 Betta - Yoshi
3 Otos


5 US Gallon, sand & planted
1 Betta - Gin


7.5 US Gallon (ish), planted
Endlers - lots of!
And algae, have moved some of the plants around since this picture, i'm always reshuffling! and de-algaed a bit. this fish like to peck at the algae so i don't remove all of it.


7.5 US Gallon (ish) planted, same as the tank above but in silver
1 Betta - Chi
3 otos
the tank looks smaller than it is, Chi is about 3" long including tail, he's a little monster. Have reshuffled the plants in here too, the scraggly one at the front has been put back with the others. (i'm so technical with plant names!)

thank youu! i'm sure my electricity bills are miniscule compared to those with lots of tanks over 50gallons!
hi there like your tanks :good: your elec bills must be highh :crazy:

There was a post a while back about electric bills and fish tanks.... It showed that fish tanks suck very little electricity, so shouldn't affect your electric bill unless your running 20 or 30 tanks like some members :fun:
yeah, there's a calculator on the PFK site
the most expensive thing are the heaters, which, if on all the time, would be £91 for the year for me, but i have them off during the summer.

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