My Tank Is A Nightmare! Neons Swimming Vertically? Pet of the Month
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Jul 7, 2006
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Ok guys

I feel if it ain't one thing it's another!!! :grr:

I recently lost three panda corys :( and I have been treating the whole tank with pimafix and melafix cos the fish that died showed no symptoms, so I'm treating for something if not everything.

I've just checked on my fish before bed (which I don't normally do) and found that 2/3 of my neons are swimming hard, vertically, seeming to flick or seem to really swim hard strokes? I don't know if this is normal cos as I say I don't normally check on them, maybe some could advise??

I checked my water and all parameters are fine
Ok, right check the neons first for any bleached out or black marks on the red stripe.
Nope, nothing, they all look fine cos I had a good look at all of them when I fed them there food earlier on.
It might be the meds making them flick, do a water change.
Do you think it needs doing tonight or can it wait til morning, is it serious?
Yes it won't take you two minutes.
It could be the meds in there, it should make them settle. if its that.
You are not over doing the aeration in the tank so the current is to strong for them.
No the aeration is fine not too strong, I'll go and do the water change and see how they are in the morning!

Thanks again, will let you know
Ok, there not right and if you don't do the water change there might not be breathing by tomorrow.
Hope it is the meds and can sought it out fast.
I've done the water change and I've just been sat staring at them and I'm in tears here, I just don't know what to do. :/

All my fish seem to be loosing there colour, it's like someone is trying to erase the colour. My harlequins are loosing if not lost there black markings, my guppy seems a little colourless apart from his tail, and my neons are loosing there red colour bit in there tail, and swimming vertically, flicking stilll.

What the f@@@ am I doing wrong, I am so sad and disheartened I want to jack it all in!! :sad: :sad:

Sorry for the censored part it's so frustrating, they all seemed fine earlier! I'm really expecting the worst tomorrow. :sad:
Fanbludytastic, I'm doing so well with this tropical fish thing. So now I have to kindly kill my fish, how do I do that?

And if it is that and my 2 guppy and my platy survive will I have to scrub my tank clean? It says in the article that doing this still might not eliminate the spores?? What do I do now?
I lost the whole tank, black neons, harlequins, platys.
I stripped the tank down and started again no trouble since, though I did let the tank dry out for aday.
It seems strange that it would affect so many of them at the same time. Early on, when my tank had an out of control ammonia problem, my fish looked like they were having siezures, and swimming vertically.

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