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Dec 30, 2006
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this is a picture of my horse.
she's a 6 year old american quarter horse mare. around the barn, we call her maddy. her registered name is Hasty Zipper :crazy: but i'm going to change it soon to Deadly Investment - bring in her more famous lines names xD.
How much was it?? My friend got her horse for 15k! Which I think is crazy for an animal that isn't a penguin. :rolleyes:
haha. buying them is the cheap part, it's everything else that adds up. board fee every month if you aren't lucky enough to have them on your property but if you are, there's the cost of hay and grain. either place there's the cost of farrier and vet bills, all the tack you need (i have two saddles, two bridles, a saddle pad, a lounge line, three halters and a zillion brushes. then there's everything you need for the different seasons. maddy doesn't wear blankets so we save some money there. i believe she was only 12k because they were looking for a good home. she was my trainer's sister's horse xD. they had her since she was born.
Oo thats cool, I just went to the stables today. She said that the vet for a normal check up costs about 300-400bucks. :crazy: . Makes me want to re-think about getting into it. Do you ride western or english?
western. it's the big thing where i am. ages ago i use to ride english and jump but then the horse i was leasing went off for western training and i just switched with the horse. the only thing i miss about english is jumping.

yeah, vet's are expensive. and that's just for a checkup and shots. when its an emergency and they need meds, its more. and a $300-400 probably isn't including the barn call - which the boarders who use the vet then all split. if it's an emergency and nobody else needs the vet, the call's all on you.

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