My Angelfish Have Spawned! Pic & Vid

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Oct 13, 2012
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SO... I had noticed recently that two out of four of my angels seemed to have "paired up".  The male began to really bully the other two angels, not allowing them to leave a corner of the tank. Thursday I felt it was best to bring the other two to my lfs, I was pretty bummed though.  Literally, the very next day (friday afternoon)  there are eggs!!! I guess she was relieved to get the other two out of the tank lol. Anyways, here is a couple pics, and the video from day 1.  

Day 1
Any help or suggestions is very appreciated, as this is the first spawning I've ever had in my tank :D
I know, i know. They are being great parents, it's really pretty amazing to watch them.  :wub:
wow fantastic!!! congrats
if you are thinking of keeping them then you can either put the leaf in a breeder's net so they can hatch and you can raise them ( seen this before, but not sure how it'll affect the parents)
or remove all other fish cause they'll go at them and put a sponge on the filter intake when they are starting to swim around and it should all be good :D
food brine shrimp 
I've thought about taking the leaf out, but after seeing how attentive they both are, I just can't do it. I think I'll uproot my pennywort to give some extra cover, and hopefully a couple make it, there's quite a bit of hiding spaces near the leaf, but I'm not getting too hopeful.  Thanks for the suggestions, I appreciate it :)
i bred angels for years, probably gave my LFS 1,000+ babies,
you need to remove those eggs from the tank, the eggs and fry will be eaten,
the fry will die if you have gravel substrate,
its best to keep the eggs in a "bare bottom" tank with a well cycled sponge filter
Amazing video, great to see and thanks for sharing :D
That was a great video!  Had never seen an actual spawning before.  It is quite an amazing process!  Just have experience with livebearers.  Good luck on getting wrigglers and having them grow out!  Would love to see them if you do.  :)
Thanks everyone, I am still pretty psyched that I was able to catch it on video :wub:
Day 3 Update:  Noticed this morning that a couple more eggs have gone opaque white, meaning they were not fertilized or have gone bad, but still probably 85% look great, and Mum is still on guard, with Dad too :)
When I came home tonight (Easter festivities, Happy Easter everybody) I could actually see that the good eggs all have little black dots on each of them.  It sounds silly but it actually hit home that there are little fish eggies in my tank lol. It's a crazy cool process :D
Amazing video! Love the music in the first half - what was it?
Thanks :)
The music is called A Simple Wish by Joi Veer.
Day 4 update: the lights aren't on yet so it was a bit hard to tell, but it looks like all that might be left are the bad eggs 

I'll get a better look when I turn lights on shortly.  I think I'll be picking up a breeding bin thing too for next time. Hope the mum and dad aren't going to be sad lol as silly as that sounds :rolleyes:
HOLY COW! Correction! Upon further inspection after turning the lights on, I realized most of the good eggs were gone bc they have in fact hatched. There's little wigglers all over the leaf!!! There's a good decent amount of them, and both parents are still standing guard and doing great.  The other fish in my tank aren't coming near (the dad can be quite scary, he rammed the glass when i was trying to get a peek lol)  
The one thing I'm quite worried about is the patch of bad eggs are kind of fungus-y looking, so I'm hoping the fry-wigglers don't get it. We'll see how it goes from here, I think I'll pick up a breeding net today and take some of them, but leave some for them to still care for.  I suppose it's not wise to get the large size net and put the mum in there too? she's not even swimming around, she hasn't left the leaf since this started... very open for suggestions!!!  
...What a funny monday :p

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