angelfish spawning

  1. J

    Breeding Pair of Angelfish. Need Fish Community Recommendations.

    Hi- I have a pair of breeding Angelfish. They are in a community with other angels, snails, loach, and rainbows. They laid their eggs and were caring for them well! One morning I woke to a snail on the eggs and most gone. I can't confirm the snail ate them but no more eggs. I just got a...
  2. greenmumma141

    My Angelfish Have Spawned! Pic & Vid

    SO... I had noticed recently that two out of four of my angels seemed to have "paired up".  The male began to really bully the other two angels, not allowing them to leave a corner of the tank. Thursday I felt it was best to bring the other two to my lfs, I was pretty bummed though.  Literally...