My 620t For A 4-foot Tank (barebones Is Fine)

N0body Of The Goat

Oddball and African riverine fish keeper
Apr 1, 2010
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Item/s Offered: Aqua One 620T (~140l)
Condition: Good (lid filter and T5 lights operational), no stand
Item/s Required: 4-foot tank or greater ( a 120x30cm base would be handy, it could then sit on my double stand on the empty shelf)
Condition: Watertight, not too bothered about scrathes within reason, lids/lights/stand would be a bonus
Picture/s or Link/s to Item/s: On request
Location: Southampton SO18

Looking to swap a compact high volume tank for something longer, as most of my fish collection are quite active species. The previous owner of the 620T used it as a mini marine tank, it could also do a mini Tanganyikan setup or a well chosen community of small sedate moving fish, for example, needing less floor space (~62x39cm footprint)