Mummy And Daddy Curvicep Cichlid

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Feb 19, 2013
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So my male and female curvicep (one I got Thursday last week and another sunday from differ lfs) have been chasing each other around and I thought was one being territorial but yesterday their chasing around changed and thought they were just getting used to each other. I was about to post up a new topic today asking what they were up to and some other stuff.
Then I noticed that the female was getting very dark and the male not so much and just thought maybe shes ready but they both were being territorial around one of the caves I have and usually the male doesn't chase after other fish let alone near the mid warea and today I noticed he was.
About an hour ago I noticed the female wad sitting on top of the cave area and I happen to look behind on the back of it and there are heaps of eggs on the back of It They must have either done it while I was at work or while I was doing other stuff this afternoon....
so I only have the one tank so should I be alright leaving them there? I do have panda corys but atm the female shoes anything beside the male away!
ohhhh and btw I am new (very) to keeping fish so this has all come at once....
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hopefully the photos aren't to bad to see... but the eggs are there :)
I’d leave them alone as dwarf cichlids will look after their eggs and young on their own. It’s also not uncommon for them to have a few attempts before the eggs hatch. They may not have fertilised the eggs correctly or they may eat the eggs a few times. Let them be and you may be lucky first time around! You should be able to feed the fry with powered flake food after a few weeks.if your tank is established then they will also eat algae. I seem to remember this is a fairly new tank for you so 
Go easy on the water changes for a little while too. I'm not saying don't do them but try to carry out the minimum for a while as the fry will be quite delicate at first.
yes very new fish only added end of last week and over the weekend... I am actually quiet shocked... theyre doing a pretty good job at the moment most the eggs look like theyre still there and keeping other fish away I was actually thinking they weren't getting along.... was I wrong!
I did a partial water change yesterday (about 5L out due to vaccuming the bottom koz a lot of debre was floating around and in the rocks) when should I do another one... was thinking the weekend? maybe even start of next week?
do rasboras eat eggs or fry of other fish? or at all? I know corys may...
so my fish (both corys and cichlids) have eaten the eggs... for the second time but this time the cichlids spawned in the gravel and I was wondering would the eggs have fallen down into the gaps or something? the male and female are still very territorial about the area but I am not sure if there are still eggs there or not....

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