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Fish Addict
Sep 16, 2012
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HOw could i move a filter from my 65 gallon tank to my 10 gallon tank?
Currently i have a 350biowheel penguin filter and a fully cycled 30 gallon tetra whisper filter running on my 65 gallon tank. I was wondering how could i remove the 30 gallon filter safely, to test if the biowheel is fully cycled for the current stock in the 65 gallon. is there anyway to do this without killing the beneficial bacteria in the 30 gallon (ex. not stopping the filter, i will be moving the 30g filter during the test) and not endanger the fish? my tank has been running since the 27 of dec 2012
EDIT: oh and i had already seeded the filter with a little bit of mature filter media

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