Moss On Rock And Wood - Kingswood Surrey

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Dec 3, 2011
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okay i am selling some Xmas moss on Wood and Rock
Product: Moss on Rock
Quantity for sale: 1
Delivery or Collection: Both
Sales price: £10
Postage & Packaging: discuss postage when sold
Location: Kingswood Surrey

Product: Moss on Wood
Quantity for sale: 1
Delivery or Collection: Both
Sales price: 

Wood on its Own: £20
Wood with moss: £30
Moss on its own: £10
Postage & Packaging: if you require the wood Collection only if you require the moss only postage will be £3.00
Location: Kingswood Surrey
Wood with moss

Wood when i first got it 

this is a nice branch of wood i found very nice large been in the tank for 2 years now and has done wonderfully it currently has moss on it but i used to have anubias on it but sadly they perished before i knew what i was doing with plants hope to give these to a good home, the wood is roughly 54" long and around 20" wide i would say between 5 and 10" tall i guess it could be cut down into smaller pieces if it dose not fit into the tank perfect for pleco's and my algae eaters LOVE to rest on there as well
really want this to go to a good home rather than chucking it back into the garden

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