Fireman's Dream Flowerhorn

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Dec 11, 2023
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Frederick, Maryland

I have a Male Fireman's Dream Flowerhorn available that I purchased from Chris Rounds a little over a year ago. He was appraised at being worth anywhere from ~$250-300 by Flowerhorn competitors. That being said he is not a show fish. He is very aggressive and will probably need a tank dedicated to himself. You may be able to add a female midas or parrot cichlid to pair him up. I would say minimum tank size would be 125 gallons.

I understand this is my first post but I've been around on other forums and have a great reputation on all of them I can use as a referral.

Age and condition: 1.5 years, very healthy, ~1 ft long
Quantity for sale: 1
Reason for Sale: I need to open up the space
Delivery or Collection: Negotiable
Sales price: $125 obo
Willing to Ship (Yes or No): Maybe, but he is quite large
Postage & Packaging Price: To be discussed
General Location: Frederick/Middletown, Maryland
Photograph: Attached

Thank you, All and I look forward to being here.


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This Flowerhorn is still available, and since he hasn't sold I am willing to let him go for Free to anyone local.

Free now

Thank you
The flowerhorn hobby is apart from the general aquarium world, and it's a small one. The prices are great if you find other people who like the fish, but don't feel slighted or ignored if there's no response here. There probably aren't that many flowerhorn keepers on the forum. Best of luck rehoming that fish.

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