Mollys and Platys


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Sep 13, 2016
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I understand what you are saying but I only have one Female Dalmation Molly and one Male Platy and I put the Dalmation molly in the maternity wing when she got fat .. it’s definitely a cross breed
This is not a crossbreed. Most ovoviviparous female livebearers can store sperm packets of a mating for over a year. This is what happened with your fish. The female has used stored sperm to fertilize her eggs. It's not particular that mollies and platies can not breed because of being in a different genus. But their sexual organs are not compatible. Which makes a natural mating impossible.
And when I look at the photo you've posted, that specimen is a 100% platy.
But you're absolutely not the only one who think that when you keep two different livebearer species of the opposite sex together for months and the female gets pregnant that those two different livebearer species must have crossbred. But you just need to know that most ovoviviparous female livebearers have the ability to store sperm which they can use whenever they'd like to. The donated sperm will be stored in packets in the folds of the fallopian tube. One or more folds will be opened randomly by the female when she's got the urge to fertilize her eggs. That's the whole story behind it.

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