Mixing Substrate


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May 19, 2010
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Have an established tank for about a year now and too many plants to name but here I go
Cardamine Lyrata
Valisneria (Jungle and Italian)
Tiger Lotus
Banana Plant
Argentenian Sword
Broad Leaf Ludwigia
Some Dwarf Hairgrass
Java Moss
I've kept all these plants successfully for months with plain gravel, 2WPG Aqualife Light Fixture, CO2 yeast, Excel and Flourish, as well as weekly to twice a month water changes. Recently ordered Eco-Complete online today from Petco, great deal for only $25 with shipping if you live in the U.S. http://www.petco.com/product/111998/Eco-Complete-Planted-Black-Aquarium-Substrate.aspx?CoreCat=OnSiteSearch While my LFS had it for $41 lol.
I plan on mixing the EC with my existing gravel, any tips to do it? Long overdue anyway, for a planted tank my gravel depth is barely 2 inches so this should helps loads. I plan on just adding the EC straight to the tank with cupfuls while shoveling over and combining the older gravel with the EC. Let me know what everyone thinks.
I was also thinking of purchasing Stargrass and Dwarf Baby Tears, let me know if that would suit my tank witht he current conditions.


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Apr 15, 2009
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I'm not sure you want to actually mix it. Eco complete is more like a sand than a gravel. Im talking particle size. Its very fine. At least the stuff I had was. They may make it with different sized particles.
Put the eco complete on the bottom and then your existing substrate over it. If its the fine stuff and gets in your water column it will discolor the water. It will eventually settle and wont harm anything. It can just get messy.

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