mixing salt brands

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Sep 19, 2003
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Clinton,Tennessee, U.S.A.
is it ok if i mix 2 different salt brands? ones called "Oceanic" and the other one is "instant ocean". theres only enough in one box for about half a water change so i need to mix them
Good Question. Many Reef freaks would shy away from this citing how success hinges on a strict regimine of not altering anything in your maintenence.

However, I have mixed salts before with no ill effects. Do try to stick with one brand you find works best for you in the long run though.

ok thnx for the info

i usualy use the same brand but i went to a different store and they didnt have my usual brand and its the only chance i had to go to the lfs
I have started to switch from IO (my LFS mixes their own RO for $1 per gallon) to mixing my own using Oceanic. I have added 2 gallons of oceanic thus far. Before the switch, i had low calcium levels with high alkalinity. Now, my water has never been better!!! My calcium is at 420ppm, alk at 10dKH and my ph is 8.3. I have contimplated switching back and forth each week, but i don't know how wise that would be. I bought some b-ionic online this week, so i can simply dose for whatever may be lacking in the water.
impur not a good idea. stick with one.

i too am switching to oceanic. but here's how. my io ran out. i have oceanic. i do a water change maybe every 2months, so the oceanic will be going in.

many, many reports show no problems with doing this even faster.

watch the ca levels on oceanic. reports some batches so high as to endanger precipitation.

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