missing angelfish

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Jun 21, 2004
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Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada
I have 2 angelfish in my 20 gallon tank.....well i did have 2 but now i have 1

I checked everything in my tank (plants, decorations etc.) and he is no where to be seen....does anyone know where he could have went? :/
He always hid out in my Skull decoration and i checked the skull i dont even know how many times now, and he's not in there.
Has this ever happened to anyone?
I used a vacuum to clean the stones and he's not underneath the stones either (i dunno how he would have got underneath it anyway but i checked just incase)

Thanx for the replies
Thanx guys....
I have a log decoration and my fish can go in and just hang out, I found him inside it, its weird cuz i've looked inside the log like 5 times and i never saw him in there, but then my friend looked in the log and the angel came out and when he came out his tail was missing and same for the rest of his fins, I think it was my other angelfish that got at his fins :/
That happened to me when I came back from holiday I couldn’t find a fish but then I saw his head in bones at the bottom of the tank :byebye:

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