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Mini Predator or Opportunist predator/Omnivore tank

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I've never seen one this big, but African Butterfly's are supposed to go as big as 4.5 inches... so a big one my be a bit more than a mouthful... though the Leopard, has an expandable mouth area, & can eat quite large meals
Leopard Bushfish can grow to more than 6” and eat fish two thirds their size. Tetras and Butterfly Fish will end up as snacks.
I highly doubt congos and african butterflyfish would be at risk after keeping bush fish in the past
or actually there are several varieties of Archer fish, that would make a cool tank if set up for them to shoot wingless fruit flies off of some emergent plants
I think Archer Fish are for harder water but that does sound pretty cool 😁😁
Talking of Tetras being eaten I can't see that happening to African Blue Spot Tetras, as peaceful as they apparently are they're pretty big... I love the look of them but a school of them would need a huge tank. I'm definitely limited by tank size. Will have to end up getting a Betta and be done with it lol. I wouldn't mind as much if the said Betta was Betta Anabantoides they're pretty cool, they don't seem available in the UK though.

I know Bettas have to be kept alone and if I was going to have one I'd have to have a true giant one, more of an impressive type of predator, maybe not out and out predator with huge teeth but better than what I can get with a smaller tank size. I'm not sure what I could get in. A 29 Gallon long (What the Americans call it I have no idea how many litres I think that's US gallons) A 40 gallon breeder I know is 151 litres, I'm not sure if that would be too big for a beginner or not.

I would like something more impressive than a Betta but out of ideas especially with soft water and being a beginner I'm pretty limited but I'm gonna keep looking.

If anyone knows where I can get Betta Anabantoides though the true Giant Betta then let me know if you know a UK source because they're far better than all the smaller species.
I’m not finding much on these…
But check out this variety
I’m not finding much on these…
But check out this variety
😍😍 Beautys I love the colouring I saw these on Aquadiction I'm sure they prefer harder water though but stunning fish. Awesome and unique way they hunt too.
My area is below neutral water most towns and cities nearby are harder water aswell. Liverpool not far away is hard water. Soft water that goes softer and more acidic when you cycle the tank according to my LFS. If I can ever get the hang of changing water chemistry that will open up my options so much more and I'd definitely look at things like these.
Soft water doesn't go softer. GH stays the same; it's KH, carbonate hardness, which can go lower during a fishless cycle. But once the tank is cycled, if you do regular water changes it won't lower, and neither will pH.
During fishless cycling a lot of nitrite and nitrate are made. These are acidic. KH buffers water against pH changes but where KH is low and a lot of acid is in the water the KH gets used up leaving nothing to stop the pH falling. After cycling, regular weekly water changes top up the KH and the pH remains stable.

I lived in Runcorn in the early 1980s so I've just looked up the water quality report for my old postcode. Yours is probably similar.
Alkalinity (ie KH) = average 11.3 ppm (under 1 dH) This is very low.
GH = average 24 ppm, just over 1 dH. This is very soft water.

You may well have problems during fishless cycling with that KH - I did here with 3 dh of KH. If your KH is as low as my old address, yes you may find the pH drops then remains constant after the tank has cycled.

And yes, you do need fish which need very soft water.
You may need to add a KH / “alkalinity” buffer while you’re cycling. Sodium bicarbonate is the easiest choice, just so it doesn’t run out of KH. Once it’s cycled the weekly water change should be enough to keep things stable.
Mines the same I'm about 20 miles from you the ph, GH AND KH is really low out of the tap

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