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Micro thin worm like thing and moving dust specs in fry tank with Java moss ?

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Jan 5, 2023
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I have recently brought a new strain of a nano fish I have been breeding. The eggs don’t seem the same as the other Strains in size and shape . They laid on some Java moss I got from a reputable LPC . It’s been almost 4 weeks since I brought the moss and 2 weeks they laid on it so I removed it . Over the last few days these white threat worms type things have appeared. As well as some fast moving dust bits ? Has anyone got any idea what they are ?

My hatch rate has been so poor as in zero which is very odd …

Advice appreciated


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Looks like some sort of organism on the bottom, but not clear enough to id. I cannot speak to the eggs, don't know the species and not my area of expertise. It would be good if you got a better picture.
Very hard to tell by the photo, but they are most likely detritus worms or planaria. Detritus worms are harmless, but planaria can be carnivores. Planaria have wedge-shaped heads and eyes (not always visible) while detritus worms do not. I got planaria in one of my shrimp tanks and they would regularly take out the shrimp. I believe they'll also predate snails. I have no idea if they pose a threat to the eggs or not.
Great thanks I can upload the video . But they look like they have segments on . They move by faulting in half and seem very active? If they plannaria how can you get rid of them !
Moving in that way I think eliminates detritus worms and planaria. Sounds more like an insect larva.

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