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Sep 23, 2013
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We have a winner in Fishforums.net
December 2023 Tank
of the Month Contest
We had 10 awesome tanks entered in this month's TOTM contest featuring tanks sized at 16 gallon and smaller but only one could win...
And the winner is.......
Let's all congratulate them
Here's the winning tank and its description
Hi everyone this is my Dennerle Nano Cube 60L
I started this aquarium on Sept 3rd, 2023. I used the majority of substrate, plants, wood, and filter from my old tank which allowed me to add fish almost straight away. I've had no major issues with this tank except for some algae. I'm still not 100% happy with this tank as the crypts and repens are not fully grown into the size I would like them to be (I'm Impatient ). The lighting is a DIY floodlight as well as my C02 system which is just a 2L water bottle containing yeast and sugar. My most recent addition was a monstera plant up top to help with filtration. I only do around 20-30% water change weekly so having even more plants is always a bonus. The fish and shrimp are doing very well even breeding among the sawbwa. Speaking of I also have 20+ fry in another tank which when grown up will be added to this tank (females only).

Fish -

3x Ottocinclus
1x Female Honey gourami (Wild type)
4x Sawbwa resplendens
3x Amano shrimp
1x Zebra Nerite Snail

Plants -
Rotala rotundifolia H'ra
Rotala Indica
Ludwigia Super red
Hygrophila pinnatifida
Hygrophila corymbosa compact
Myriophyllum mattogrossense
Cryptocoryne undulatus
Staurogyne repens
Bolbitis heudelotii
Bucephalandra Biblis
Limnobium laevigatum
Microsorum pteropus Trident
Anubias Petite
Cryptocoryne parva
Monstera 'monkey leaf'
Congrats to @MattW3344 with their 60 L tank with 15 types of plants. Great looking tank. Nice job, Matt.
Coming in second place is @Aiken Drum with their nicely scaped 57 liter Fluval Flex tank. Interesting tank. Well done!
And coming in third place is @Koenator with their beautifully planted 10 gallon tank. Awesome tank.

Right now we are accepting entries for our Fish of the Month contest. For December, we are featuring all types of Cichlids. If you have Cichlids, we hope you enter one of them into the contest.
CLICK HERE to view the entry thread.
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