Lost second fish

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I didn't my first fish I added so much of my tank water to the bag. Then after half an hour I poured the contents of the bag and fish into a plastic bucket, then netted the fish into the tank, and the water down the toilet
Adding store water to your tank is really asking for trouble. As well as the pathogens, the conditions may be terrible. The situation with the pH is nowhere near significant enough to justify that risk.
I was talking about the QT, not the main tank.
I did go on FB and asked the pH question, at the end of it my head was reeling, I've decided rightly or wrongly to go down my tetra path, I will continue with my weekly 10% water changes, adding any more tetras slowly, I think itcould be more dangerous to fish mucking about with ph levels.
Don't know how much is true but it does come up on line that xray tetras can tolerate a ph of 8.
Well here we go did a water test, before my water change and PH has dropped from 8 to 7.5 ammonia nil and nitrite nil, I wonder if the pH has dropped as I added one catappa bark tube, although it has not changed the colour of my water.

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