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Aug 17, 2004
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Mesa, Arizona-US
I posted this in the oddball forum, but i saw similar question in this forum so why not copy and paste :p ...

Hi all, I got a 45g tank a week and a half ago. I let it run without fish for a couple of days, then went and bought 4 small tiger barbs and a small pleco to help with the cycling. After a few days went by I went and bought 4 more smallish Albino Tiger Barbs (bigger than the other small barbs I bought). Yesterday I went and bought a freshwater morray eel (probably 8" or so).
I want to get Puffers soon but don't quite know which kind I want. I've read that the Dwarf Puffers stay relatively small so I'm thinking they would work best if I want to have a couple of those in my tank. Which Puffers do you think would work best in this type of environment?
Also, should I wait longer to make sure the tank is fully cycled? (I haven't tested the water, or even bought the tools to do it yet )

I'm a newbie so be gentle TIA
yes you need to wait longer. and you need to get a test kit and test the water. make sure the tank is fully cycled before you get any more fish. don't know much about puffers but i have heard they don't work in a community. hopefully someone else will come along who can advise on that.
If I have understood you correctly within the first 10 days of a new tank you have added 9 fish and an eel. -_-

I cycled my tank with fish and if your tank follows the same pattern as mine did you will be spiking now. :(

I suggest you do not get any more fish until you have got and done some water tests. It took 8 weeks before my tank matured and every time I added fish it spiked again.

You should get at least PH Ammonia Nitrite and Nitrate. ;)

Go test and do waterchanges as necessary and you should be ok - good luck :D

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