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Last 2 Large Tanks For Sale.


Apr 15, 2004
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Essex, Kirby
Need to sell my last 2 tanks. Details are as follows...

"Here for sale is a plain glass fish tank made by Seashell about 3 years ago. It was a special order for myself to fit into a gap and cost a fair bit. I had the brace bars modified too so I could easily fit a protein skimmer onto the side. The brace bar on the left hand side is spaced out about 6". It has a double base and includes glass sliding coveres for the main opening.

The tank measures 40inch long, 30inch wide and 20inch tall."

"Here for sale in a plain glass fish tank. This auction does not include a stand nor filtration. You are bidding for the glass tank, plastic cover and single 4ft tube with starter and reflector.

The tank measures 48inch long, 36inch wide and 18 inch tall. It's not the best looking tank with some scratches on the front but it holds water and is perfect for larger fish having such a large width.

The tank will be drained and cleaned prior to the end of auction.

The filter is available for £50 it's a Ehiem Pro2 2026. The pipe work is a bit of a bodge job as you can see from the pictures though but the filter works perfect."

Please check the ebay auctions for pictures... here

auctions can and will be listed for the right offer. get in touch with any questions or offers. Ideally would like to hit £100 for each of the tank but offers are welcome.