laser lights for fish tanks

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Just checked - I've got the Hi-Lites in both tanks and the treasure chest in my cichlid tank. The chest must also be connected to an air pump to get the bubble every second or so (depending on the strength of the pump)
hehe no worries! dont think i be getting any, got an other free tank coming next week so i have to stock that! *need overtime at work*
Rose: yours may be LED's.

But I have had two lasers in my small (6G) Eclipse tank. They are red laser lights. Friend bought the lasers for the tank for my son's birthday (she knew I was getting him the tank) over a year ago. First had goldfish then platies. The port can handle like 6 lights. I only have 2 as it is a small tank!

I can't say they prevented disease or anything :sad: :sad: Death, death of goldfish, though it was due to overstocking :hyper: and lack of cleaning -_- -_- with the goldfish and just ineptitude with the platies :angry: :angry:

They show up great at night. Of course, you can't see them at all during the day. What is cool now is I again have goldfish in teh 6G tank, now that I have a 29G for the real fish :lol:

When the big goldfish pass in front of the lasers the flashing is sort of eerie. If you train the lights on interesting decorations, that makes for a nice effect.

But it will not make your fish imortal, or immune, or do anything to cover up for any ineptitude on the part of the owner. :X :X
well u see i mentioned to someone that i may go and get an other tank as i sold me hard drive that i could not use lol
and she said i have one if u want it lol

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