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Rose had some fancy lights in one of her tanks I think, it looked really cool not sure if they were actually lazers though... They were beautiful really... :fun:
they do look neat, there are some fact sheets about the lights used in tanks! not heard of them before!
Hmm, disco lights for fish, they'll be singing Staying Alive before long.

Pretty cool though, not sure about all the supposed health, life, breeding benefits though. :lol:
yea i saw those on sale at the lfs today... looked kinda kewl - says its harmless to fish.

might check it out once i get my tank =P

I would think u'll need pretty low lighting in the tank for the lasers to show up
so they say Cryosi.

It probably makes them sterile instead unless its the GROOOOOOOOOOVY disco atmposphere that does it. B)
Hmmmm........*don't shoot me, but*,

IMHO they seem pretty NAFF and I'd rate them along with aquatic castles, trasure chests and divers :oh: :/ :lol:

jmho lol :)
i just read in this book i got from the library that changing light effects the fish. and on that web site they have a laser that flashes different colors. not sure with lasers though...cause the color is mostly concentrated where it hits a surface. but if it does effect fish, the changing light could b stressful

They aren't lazers they are LED's and the blue and purple don't show up all that well. The green and red work best. I use mine after lights out if I want to watch the fish for a bit. I have mine on maybe 2hr a month. My tigers like swimming in the colord lights. Yes they are very cool. They are just a steady stream of colored lights no fancy flashing or disco stuff. Rose
Now all we need to do is put in a black light in the hood, put some light panel dance floors, and some miniature afros and we got "Aquarium 64" all over again! :hyper:
well the ones shown are lasers rose, not leds( i should know the difference i work with lasers lol ) :lol: :lol: they had led effect things as well, wont be getting any of either i was curious to peoples views and if they came across them before thats all.
I agree with Rose - I got LED lights in both my tanks - only put them on after lights out - makes the tanks really look good in the dark - and the fish don't seem to mind. Anyawy - can fish see colours?

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