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Jul 23, 2012
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I have a 40 gallon aquarium that I wish to add more plants to, but do not want to spend the money. For the moment I am up north (Canada) visiting family and there is a lake and ponds close by to where I am. I have looked at the lake and pond and there are no or hardly any algae. I do not believe there are any poisons that are being washed into the ponds or lakes (very large lake) and there are also bands on pesticides in Canada.
I have looked at the plants that would work in my aquarium and i am surprised because there are grass plants that resemble cabomba plant, and the corkscrew vallisneria plant (without the corkscrew twist to it) also there are large ground covering plants that resemble star grass and may more.
Before i leave to go home i will be removing the plants from the water, and placing them into a plastic bags with water in it (3-5 hr drive depending on traffic).
When I get home I will be quarantining the plants in an outside aquarium (which already has water with top dwelling pond plants ~ had to many in pond so I had to relocate

After a day or two in the tank I will have a bucket of water with a very small amount of bleach in it to dip the leaves to remove any parasites etc. then rinsing the plant like crazy.
After rinsing the plant would it be then alright to add into my aquarium?
What other precautions should I take?
thanks very much
I after bleaching and rinsing I would stick them in some water from your aquarium overnight to dilute anything left on the plants. 
I've never done this before but it seems like it would do the trick.
I would quarantine for upwards of a month.  Also, can they survive tropical temps?
i would think that they would be able to survive tropical temps, the water does grow very warm in the summer time. I'll be getting the plants that are near the edges - always warmer then more down in the water.
with the quarantine for a month, summer is starting to end and the nights do become cold.around 11 degrees Celsius now, but will climb back to 24 degrees. think this'll play a part if they are in the aquarium?
I keep my aquarium water at 24 degrees and my plants are doing great, same with the fish.
Hmm.  I just threw the "month" out there as what I would do, but I have not done it myself.  I've always thought about it, but have never tried.  I don't know much about lake plants in general, but my assumption was that they were perennials, so the temperature changes would be normal/fine.  But then again they may die back every winter, especially if the lake freezes over.
yes true that usually do die back, but i'll give it a shot and if it does work then it'll post pictures of what it looks like ~ a before and after I guess haha
Definitely do; I'm curious to see what happens!

I'm subscribed to this thread, so hopefully I'll see whatever you post weeks from now!  (Or I'll just watch Planted topics)

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